East Asia

Our partner in East Asia

Berlin Mission maintains relations with Christians and churches in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. There are partnership agreements (envisaging information and staff exchange, mutual visits and support of specific projects) with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) as well as with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT). Relations with the United Church of Christ in Japan (Kyodan) as well as the China Christian Council (CCC) are not contractually regulated, but in the case of Japan a framework exists through the Union Evangelischer Kirchen (UEK) which has sparked off intensive links. In the case of China, Berlin Mission is about to establish close contacts again after having been active in China from 1882 to 1948.

Aspects of our Work in East Asia



Berlin Mission supports

  • the Diakonia Sisterhood at Mokpo with its ecumenical and social work as well as the Seoul Institute for Religious and Peace Education.
  • Minjung communities.
  • the cooperation between the women's work of the PROK and the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia.


  • We support our partner church, the Kyodan.
  • We contribute to the reconstruction effort of the Kyodan after the devastating March 2011 disaster.
  • We promote youth exchances with the Kyodan young people.
  • We support the Horikawa Aiseien Children’s Home in the Fukushima Prefecture.


  • We strive to promote diaconical and educational work in cooperation with the CCC.


  • There is a close cooperation with the PCT in many areas, particularly in the exchange of young people, voluntary workers and missionaries as well as on the themes of integration and migration and inter-faith dialogue.
  • We support the work of the PCT’s Seamen’s and Fishermen’s Center at Kaohsiung.




Contact Person

Barbara Deml

Tel +49(0)30 · 2 43 44-5761
b.deml @ bmw.ekbo.de