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North America and Europe

Our partner churches in North America and Europe

The pastor in charge of ecumenical relations and worldwide mission works with the Berlin Mission and is responsible for EKBO's partnership links to churches in North America, Western, Central and Northern Europe.

North America
The Evangelical Church of Berlin – Brandenburg – Silesian Upper Lusatia (EKBO) is in full communion with the United Church of Christ (UCC) in the USA. This church has a constituency of 1.2 million and is organized along the lines of 5.633 parishes. German immigrants played a prominent part in setting up its structures. The UCC notes that it is „Christian, congregationalist, reformed and protestant“. EKBO has a long-standing link through its Görlitz area with the UCC’s Wisconsin Conference and through its other areas with Penn Central & Pacific Northwest Conferences.


EKBO has got official links with Church of England dioceses London and Chichester on the basis of the Meissen Statement. The Berlin area church is responsible for those links. Every two years conferences are held in Berlin and London on topical themes of church life. EKBO joins the diocese of Chichester for the ecumenical Coburg conferences which again take place at varying locations every two years.


On the other hand EKBO is in full communion with the United Reformed Church (URC). In the URC Presbyterians, Congregationalists and members of the Churches of Christ came together to form that new church. The URC has 86.000 members, i. e. 1.500 congregations.
EKBO linked up with the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland (Wroclaw diocese) in signing a partnership treaty. This church’s beginnings date back to the Reformation period. It represents 80.000 members today who are mainly based in the Wroclaw area. EKBO parishes in Berlin, Frankfurt/Oder and Angermünde keep in touch with parishes in Wrowslaw, Warsaw, Slubice and Chonja/Sczecin. The Görlitz area even puts on reagional Kirchentag events with Czech and Slovak participants.


Czechia & Slovakia
The Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren was set up in 1918 in Czechia as a church uniting reformed and lutheran parishes in former Bohemia and Moravia. It represents ca. 120.000 members in around 260 parishes. The partnership link with EKBO led to both churches taking part in the so-called Days of Christian Encounter (Christliche Begegnungstage) in Eastern Europe. The Görlitz area is very active in this as it has also got a good relationship to the Hussite Church. They also organize regional Kirchentag events with participants from Poland, Czechia and Slovakia.


EKBO has got a good relationship to the Gothenburg diocese of the lutheran Church of Sweden. The „Svenska kyrkan“ had been an established church until 2000. Today 72 % of the Swedish population belong to this church. Gothenburg Diocese consists of 240 parishes. EKBO organizes conferences with that diocese and there are regular visits of both bishops to their respective partner diocese.

Contact Persons

North America, England, Sweden
Barbara Deml

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Poland, Czechia, Slovakia
Dr. Justus Werdin

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