Our partner church in Russia

The Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg (today's EKBO) has worked in partnership with Lutheran congregations in the Upper and Centre Volga regions since 1992. After the fall of the Soviet Union, mainly Russians of German descent met in these churches. They had been displaced from the  region for years and were finally allowed to return to the home of their ancestors.


Today, these congregations face the challenge of teaching and communicating their faith and Lutheran tradition to people who are not automatically familiar with them through their ethnic background. Church membership is rather limited, as many of the older church members have moved to Germany. Building a church congregation in this area involves looking for ways in which church activities can have a social impact. German partner churches in Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz help support these congregations.


Key aspects of activities in cooperation with local partners:

  • Promotion of partnership through circles of friends, in congregations and church districts,
  • Financial support for social work,
  • Training and further education of employees who are involved in children's ministry and local church work, i.e. in the regional congress centre Alt-Sarepta in Volgograd,
  • Financial support for retreats for children and youth,
  • Financial support for the construction and renovation of church buildings.

Contact person

Dr. Justus Werdin
Tel +49 (0)30 · 2 43 44 - 153
j.werdin @