Our partner church in Tanzania

With about four million members, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is the second largest Lutheran church in Africa; with a growth rate of about 8 percent a year it is also one of the fastest growing churches of our times. It was founded through the joint efforts by missionaries from German, Swedish and American mission organizations. The Berlin mission has been active in Tanzania since 1891. The ELCT consists of 20 dioceses (comparable to German regional churches) coming together under one umbrella federation.


These churches support to a large extent the health and educational systems of Tanzania. ELCT operates hospitals, first-aid wards, children's homes, social ministries and numerous schools, including special education institutions for the blind and deaf, distributed throughout the country. Many of these institutions, as well as Tanzanian cities and towns, were founded by Berlin missionaries. The ELCT has been the official partner of the Berlin-based Evangelical Church EKBO.


Key aspects of activities in cooperation with local partners:

  • Support for the Huruma centre for street children in the dioceses of Iringa,
  • Support for the Matema hospital and Lugala hospital in the dioceses of Konde,
  • Scholarship programs and training of Tanzanian staff members,
  • Partnerships among church districts,
  • Support of boarding schools.

Contact person

Dr. Martin Frank
Tel +49 (0)30 · 2 43 44-151
m.frank @ bmw.ekbo.de