Berlin Mission

Connected in a worldwide partnership

Together with our partner churches worldwide we strive to be a living testimony for Jesus Christ and seek to act as agents for justice, peace, the overcoming of violence and for the integrity of creation. Berlin Mission supports churches and development projects in the Middle East, in Africa, East Asia, Russia, Cuba, North America and Europe. We fill our partnerships with life through mutual visits, the exchange of personnel, church and school partnerships, as well as our ecumenical volunteer program.

Berlin Mission communicates the concerns of its partners in Germany and helps shape the ecumenical connections of both its sponsoring churches, the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz, and the Evangelical Church of Anhalt.

We work in four areas

  • Promoting the alliance between churches - Combining our missionary efforts
  • Promoting human rights and development - Making people stronger
  • Promoting church partnerships - Learning from one another and sharing with one another
  • Promoting ecumenical learning - Expanding our view beyond the familiar