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Since the year 2000, both the Central Library of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg and the library of Berlin Mission are available to users in the new Evangelical Church Centre on Georgenkirchstrasse. The library of Berlin Mission counts with approximately 50,000 volumes, mostly concerning historical and current missions in South Africa, East Africa and China. The library goes back to the very beginnings of the Berlin Mission Society. It then collected the books for education and training of its missionaries. All current books can be taken out; old books can be read in the reading room.

The Central Library of the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) mainly caters to church employees and members interested in special theological topics. It has about 28,000 books and is currently subscribed to approximately 40 magazines.

Library of Berlin Mission
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The archives are used by a broad international public as an interdisciplinary research facility. The archives of Berlin Mission as well as the archives of the Jerusalemverein (Jerusalem Society) are included in the archives of the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) since Fall 2000.

The Berlin Mission looks back at more than 190 years of history which are well documented through mission journals, meeting protocolls, letters, construction plans, maps and designs, as well as annual and quarterly reports from the mission fields. The available materials also illustrate the 165 year-existence of the Jerusalemsverein (Jerusalem Society). The archives hence offer great resources for scientific research on the history, religion and culture of the different people impacted by the mission.

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