Our work in Germany

In Germany, we work at the interface between our international partners with their respective departments on the one side, and local church congregations and the German public on the other. We foster international exchange and partnership. In church services, at conferences, and at other public events we aim to increase awareness for the concerns of our international partners.

Partnership with our brothers and sisters worldwide is of high importance to us. German dioceses, churches and congregations have developed and maintained a vivid exchange with their counterparts in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe for the past 30 years, and sometimes even longer than that. These partnerships serve to facilitate global learning and to promote the sharing of ideas and resources. Ideally, the partners  - together with the Berlin mission – competently communicate their activities and objectives to members and the public, and lobby for each other within their church departments and the secular world.

The Berlin Mission keeps in touch with the numerous protestant foreign language congregations in the city. These congregations represent a vital contribution to and an enrichment of the Christian community in Berlin. They are irreplaceable and dynamic partners in the protestant ecumenical movement within the framework of the city. There are among others Africant congregations of diverse origins, Corean congregations, a Japanese, a Chinese, a French-speaking and a (non-denominational) American congregation as well as Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Dutch parishes. EKBO and the Berlin Mission also have a good relationship to the Anglican parish of St George’s.

Our mission organization sees to these partnerships, provides consulting and, if necessary, serves as a mediator between parties. We strive to initiate and serve these partnerships, especially in our church district and in the Evangelical Church of Anhalt.

We publish two magazines that we distribute at no charge to private subscriptors. The magazine „mission“ appears three times a year and covers developments and news on our projects and partner churches abroad. Our partners contribute directly to the reporting. The magazine „Im Lande der Bibel“ (“In the Land of the Bible”) publishes news on the Middle East.