Worldwide partnerships

Berlin Mission maintains partnerships with more than 15 partner churches and other Christian organizations worldwide. In some cases these relationships go all the way back to missionary activities in the 19th century. We work together to fight global poverty and to make this world a better place. Our joint efforts for peace and justice are expressed in more than 50 projects.

Ethiopia and Tanzania belong to the world's poorest countries. Important social services such as education and healthcare can only be established and maintained with help from abroad. In South Africa and in Russia's Volga region we work to relieve marginalised people living at the outskirts of society, such as HIV victims and handicapped children. In the Middle East, the main focus of our work is on the support of Protestant schools and other educational institutions. Through education we want to foster mutual understanding between people of differing cultural and religious beliefs. The Peace Centre in South Korea, in which we are involved, is also active in the areas of peace and reconcilitation. The Centre provides relief for people in impoverished North Korea and strives to overcome the separation between the northern and southern parts of the country.

Some of our partner churches don't have enough qualified preachers. Through the support of their theological instruction – in Egypt, Ethiopia, Cuba and South Africa, for instance – we help these churches maintain their theological profile in their teaching and in their social work.